Antique Furniture, Glassware and Stoneware in South Charleston, WV

Collectors Love to Browse for Antique Furniture, Glassware and Stoneware

Are you looking for furniture from a particular time period? Are you interested in antique glassware or stoneware from a simpler time? South Charleston Antique Mall has a vast array of furniture, glassware, and stoneware in our large, easy-to-maneuver shop. We are always adding to our treasure trove of beautiful antique merchandise by going to estate sales and auctions. Whether you are shopping for an antique table from the early 1900s or glassware from the 1800s, we could have that gem you want to add to your collection.

We are open every day, so stop by 617 D Street in South Charleston, or give us a call at (304) 744-8975.

Antique Furniture Will Stand Out in Your Home

The interest in buying antique furniture has been increasing, particularly among millennials from South Charleston, Charleston, and Huntington, WV. If owning a one-of-a-kind furniture piece is something that makes you happy, then you should browse the aisles at South Charleston Antique Mall. If you just bought a house, or you are looking for something unique for your home, we just might have something that would look great in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or other rooms.

Are You Looking for that Unique Vintage Glassware?

Antique glassware can be used every day, or as a decoration. Glassware from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s is very popular today among collectors like you. South Charleston Antique Mall is a haven for glassware from that time period, and collectors from Cabell, Kanawha, and Putnam counties love to shop for new items among our four floors. Antique glassware like plates, glasses, bowls and vases can come in many different styles and colors. You have to see what antique glassware treasures we have.

Check Out Our Antique Stoneware

Stoneware is pottery that the maker fired at high temperatures. Artists produced antique stoneware in the 1800s and 1900s to store grains, oils, seasonings, and much more. If this kind of antique is something on your wish list, then stop by our shop in South Charleston. We are always adding interesting stoneware pieces to our antique merchandise.